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If you're curious about the Micromouse program of IEEE's past, or just want some more practice with some concepts, check out some of these presentations and mini-projects!

2014-2015 Mini Project Specifications

Mini projects help students understand the components of a Micromouse.

Mini Project #1 specification: PDF

Mini Project #2 specification: PDF

Make sure to sign up for a timeslot for Mini Project 2!

Mini Project #3 specification: PDF

This Year's Presentations

Below you can find links to PDFs of the presentations given this year:

Micromouse 2014-2015 Lectures:

Infosession: PPT | PDF

Lecture One: PPT | PDF

Lecture Two: PPT | PDF

Lecture Three: PPT | PDF

Jeremy Haugen IR Lecture: PPT | PDF

Jeremy Haugen Controller Lecture: PPT | PDF

David Wang & Jeremy Haugen Hardware Lecture: PPT | PDF

David Wang & Jeremy Haugen Floodfill Lecture: PPT | PDF

Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnD_y2ShOto

The Components of a MicroMouse



  • Proximity Sensors
  • Gyro
  • Encoders
  • Accelerometer


  • Motors


  • Microcontroller


  • Battery
  • Power Regulators

Project Futura (Advanced)

If you are looking forward to make a micromouse with much better performance, this may be something you want.

Link: http://micromouseusa.com/?page_id=1342